5 Frothing Tips For Making Coffee In The Office

coffee frothing tips

One way to get yourself in both your boss and office crushes good books, is by making that perfect cup of coffee. Now, of course, this starts with great quality coffee beans and a great coffee machine to begin the process, but you can’t disregard the milk; that creamy, frothy topping that puts a little skip in your step as you wander over to the copy machine. But, creating that froth requires an adept hand, and a few quick and easy tips to really up your coffee game. Follow along to find out how to get the whole office talking.

Use Fresh And Cold Milk

When you’re looking to impress the office with your coffee making skills, it’s vital to get the technique correct. If you’re within an office with a semi-automatic machine, you have a little more control over how your beverage turns out and paired with your favourite beans means your perfectly prepared espresso is ready to infuse with the ultimate silky, frothy milk. In order to get this beautiful texture, it’s imperative that you use fresh and cold milk. If your milk is already hot, it will essentially cook the milk and create a whole different flavour with far less froth to it. 

Opt For Skim

Continuing down the route of opting for the correct milk, when looking to create the fluffiest, airiest froth with that uniquely silky texture, just perfect to top a latte, then ensure your office kitchen is stocked with skim milk. As with food, different kinds of milk have different flavours and respond differently to a milk frother. Using full cream milk will still give you a smooth texture, but due to the fat from the full cream, it will weigh the milk down and you won’t be left with that same airy texture. As for plant-based milk, the best option to have the same effect as cow milk is soy milk. It will have a similar lovely airy and silky feeling due to having a protein and fat content akin to cow milk.

Get The Technique Down-Pat

Being the person who can make the best coffee in the office is absolutely the title you want to be bestowed upon you. And, to be this person, you need to be consistent with the whole process, from the moment you turn on the coffee machine to the second you’re frothing that milk, so here’s how to get the perfect milk froth technique. Grab the wand and insert it into the jug so that it sits just below the surface level. Keep it ever so slightly submerged and then move it up, down and side to side. By having it in constant motion you’re creating more air throughout which is what makes those perfect little bubbles that signify the ideal frothy milk. 

Have A Machine Do It For You

One way you can mess up the perfect froth is pure old human error. Maybe the milk wasn’t quite right, or perhaps your office crush is vegan and requested almond milk and it just didn’t rise to the occasion? Whatever the reason, a way to get fantastic froth in one go is by using a machine to froth it for you or opting for an office coffee machine that has a frothing attachment. After using your incredibly reliable office automatic coffee machine to get that perfect espresso, use the machine to froth your milk to perfection, with no fear of burnt or subpar froth. And, for your vegan crush, this machine can do the impossible and froth plant-based milk. You’ll be sitting next to each other in meetings in no time. 

Don’t Overfroth 

For many coffee lovers, the fear of under frothing and being left with a weak foam with little to no bubbles, so as a result, many can overdo it and end up with disproportionately frothy milk for their small latte, instead, only froth milk for around 20-30 seconds for that perfect texture. 

Most days in the office start with a cup of coffee, so make your cup a great one so that your hump day feels like a bump in the road, not a mountain to cross. Play the model employee by showing everybody how it’s done with that silky smooth latte or creamy cappuccino, just be ready to always be the one making coffees for your team.


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