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6 Tea And Coffee Trends We’re Loving For 2022

coffee trends 20222
coffee trends 20222

The coffee industry shifts and changes every year with new experiences and trends on offer for consumers. In recent years we have seen the rise of cold-brewed coffee and other trends that have changed the way we drink coffee.

So what should we expect for 2022? There will be some new focuses, new trends and a return to the old school as well. Here are the leading coffee trends you can expect in 2022:

Coffee Beans Will Be Sourced From Around the World

Millennials have a more global outlook on life and they will continue to bring this way of thinking into the workplace. Many younger workers have developed a curiosity and a thirst for coffee beans from around the world, trying a different option daily or weekly.

This will also include a rise in subscription models, where people can have coffees from leading cafes around the world shipped to their homes or business. 

More People Will Turn To Tea For Health Reasons

Many people prefer a cup of tea to coffee and there are already well-known health benefits, particularly when elements like camomile, ginger and other natural products are used to create the tea.

This is likely to go to another level in 2022 as more people discover the health benefits of tea. Tea contains adaptogens, a natural product found in plants, mushrooms, herbs and many varieties of tea, that helps the body manage and reduce stress levels. These adaptogens have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries and in many other cultures as well.

Adaptogenic teas will become more popular in 2022 and the coming years as more people become aware of their health qualities and seek relief from the stresses that modern life provides.

Sustainability As A Motivating Factor

The world is moving toward more sustainable business models in a bid to combat climate change. Consumers are voting with their feet and are far more likely to purchase a brand that can prove they have sustainable operations.

Coffee drinkers are looking for their beans to come from providers that have registered with the Fair Trade Movement and will want greater transparency when it comes to environmental impact and working conditions before choosing their favourite brand.

Greater Expectations When It Comes To Office Coffee

The old days of providing freeze-dried coffee, a kettle and some sachets of sugar will not cut it in 2022. 

Workers will have greater demands for quality setups in the office including automatic and semi-automatic coffee machines capable of producing all of their favourite variations of coffee and using premium coffee beans.

Coffee culture will go hand-in-hand with office culture and successful businesses will include dedicated coffee setups for their staff in 2022.

Blended Coffee Will No Longer Be The Poor Cousin

It has always made sense to use blended coffees, as it is more of an economic business model than single-origin coffees. While there have always been quality blended coffees, those who love a good brew have always viewed them as second rate. But that is changing.

Blended coffees have begun to pop up in global brewer and barista competitions which is leading to a shift in public perception. Blends are being created to deliver a deliberately more complex flavour profile and coffee aficionados are recognising their value. Expect this trend to continue into 2022.

So there you have it – our predictions for coffee and tea trends in 2022! After more coffee news and tea tips? Subscribe to the Corporate Coffee Solutions blog today to stay up to date!


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