6 Unusual Ways To Enjoy Coffee That Will Change Your Life

Unusual Coffee

One of the best things about coffee is how versatile it is – you can drink it hot or cold, with flavouring or milk and even use it in cooking! And while the latte, espresso or macchiato is a favourite at home and in the workplace, there are other ways to enjoy your favourite brew. In today’s blog, we’re exploring six unusual ways to enjoy coffee that may just replace your usual coffee order! Keep reading to find out more.

unusual coffee

1. Espresso Romano

It’s no surprise that this unusual brew comes from the heartland of delicious coffee – Italy. The espresso Romano is made from a double espresso and a slice of lemon. While this might seem strange, the bitterness of the lemon helps balance any bitterness in the coffee, which results in a smooth and invigorating drink. The espresso Romano is easy to make – so why not give it a try next time you’re making a cup of coffee in the office

2. Mazagran

When the temperature rises, Portugal natives can be found refreshing themselves with a mazagran. Tasty and easy to make, a mazagran is the perfect way to enjoy coffee in the warmer months. All you need is one shot of espresso, some ice and the juice of a lemon. (It’s basically an iced version of an espresso Romano). 

3. Irish Coffee

This warm weather classic is one of the more common drinks on our list. Made with whiskey, it’s what’s served at most Irish restaurants when the weather is nice. Other than the alcohol, this drink is made by drizzling chocolate sauce on top of an espresso. And don’t be deterred by it’s key ingredient – an Irish coffee is the perfect beverage for an after hours hang at the office or workplace celebration.

4. Yuanyang

Also known as Vietnamese coffee, this one is a personal favourite of mine. It’s made with a sweetened black coffee and topped with condensed milk. The yuanyang is common in Vietnam’s Northern regions and is a simple way to enjoy the bitterness of coffee in a more sweet form. It can be drunk hot or cold, making it the ideal way to enjoy a fresh brew all year round. 

5. Kopi Luwak

A list of unusual coffee drinks is not complete without mentioning the kopi luwak. This coffee is the delicacy of Indonesia – and a must try for all coffee lovers. The luwak is a species of civet cat that eats the coffee cherry fruit, which can only be eaten by the cat. The cat then eats the coffee cherries and regurgitates it for you, which is why there’s no other way to get a cup of kopi luwak other than gathering a few for yourself. 

6. Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is best known for its potent caffeine levels and unique flavour. The secret behind this iconic brew lies in its preparation – it’s a slow process that involves dissolving the grounds slowly in boiling water and the resulting beverage is dark and foam-like. It’s worth a try if you’re feeling adventurous!

Unusual ways to enjoy coffee can be found all over the world – from Turkey to Vietnam, and most of these drinks are easy to recreate in your home or in the office. To learn more about how to prepare and enjoy coffee, make sure you subscribe to the Corporate Coffee Solutions blog to stay up to date!


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