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Can a Cup Affect Coffee Its Taste?

paper cup or porcelain cup

Have you ever wondered if your coffee tastes different if it’s served in a ceramic cup or a paper cup? Well, the answer is simple: yes. There really is a difference in the taste of your coffee when it is served to you in a takeaway cup instead of a coffee cup. If you don’t believe us, try it for yourself!

You may be thinking that the barista may have had a bad day or the coffee blend isn’t quite your taste, but there is actually a very simple reason as to why they taste different.

The simple factor is the lid on the takeaway cup. This because the lid is trapping all the amazing coffee aromas inside the cup and therefore making the coffee taste less flavorsome. This isn’t just a myth, it has been proved by science that our sense of smell does actually contribute a lot towards bringing out the full flavor of anything that we consume.

Not only does the lid stop the aroma of the coffee but also the texture. For example if you have a cappuccino which is sipped through a small hole, it will make it more difficult to get the full creamy texture that a cappuccino normally brings. However some lids have an extra hole in the top or a bigger hole so you can smell the coffee more easily and receive a fuller flavor.

So if you’re used to have a takeaway coffee on your way to work, you might want to consider having a coffee machine in your office. This way, you can prepare coffee in a porcelain cup to really enjoy all its delicate flavors!

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paper cup or porcelain cup


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