Choosing the right coffee machine for your office

choosing coffee machine
choosing coffee machine

Coffee is an essential part of workplace culture. It’s the first thing employees do when they arrive in the office. It’s what gets them through the day when they need a 3pm pick-me-up. It’s how co-workers catch up and bond with each other. A coffee machine is a must-have for offices big and small. But with so many machines and brewing styles on offer, it can be tricky deciding on the best coffee machine for your workplace. That’s why we’ve put together a list of key things to consider to help you create a caffeine connection that fits your budget, office size and favourite brew.

Calculate Your Caffeine Output

When choosing a coffee machine for your office, one of the first things to consider is always going to be how much coffee you actually consume as a business. For example, if you’re a solo entrepreneur, a full-scale cafe setup that attaches to your plumbing and is designed for hundreds of cups a day probably isn’t going to be the best coffee machine for you.

In other words, it’s important to be realistic about what you’re going to need when choosing a coffee machine, as well as what you’re going to be able to house. After all, not all offices are going to have the kitchen space to give up to a cafe coffee machine, but your productivity is likely to drop if you have a giant workforce lining up to use a single group head.

If you’re looking for a simple-yet-effective compact 2-group head setup, we would certainly recommend the Fiorenzato Ducale 2 Group compact. Known for their fantastic range of semi-automatic espresso machines, Fiorenzato is the perfect midground between traditional and modern coffee setups. Their Lido 2 Group is also an excellent choice for those that want a compact machine but prefer to have the second group head available.

Choose Brewing Type The Suits You Best

Most people will be familiar with espresso machines when it comes to getting their morning brew. However, even the best coffee machines are only one choice of many in terms of brewing. There is a considerable number of options available depending on your tastes, preferences, and the amount of time you have to brew.

For many individuals, filter coffee is truly the only option for their daily caffeine fix. Although filter coffee may seem like a strange name, given that all coffee is technically filtered before consumption, a single glance at any filter coffee setup will likely act as a sufficient explanation. Unlike espressos, which use a considerable amount of pressure and precision to create a shot of coffee, a filter coffee setup is low-pressure brewing, leading to a different flavour profile and a more hands-on experience which appeals to a lot of coffee artisans.

Consider Maintenance And Cleaning Time

To put it simply: The more complex your system, the more maintenance you will need to keep it in full working order. Outside of daily cleanup and maintenance, cafe espresso machines require upkeep, technical fixes and deep cleaning to remain in fully working condition. This is usually worth the cost, as a perfectly-maintained machine is going to provide far higher quality coffee, but if you don’t see yourself being able to keep up with the needs of your setup, a simpler, easier option may be a worthwhile investment.

For those that just want their coffee fast and consistent, without the hands-on experience that comes with more traditional systems, the best coffee machines are likely to be capsule systems. As the name implies, capsule machines use capsules full of coffee to create quick, easy espressos that require very little setup and maintenance.

Plus, with the success of these systems, there is an expansive range of blends, beans & flavours to choose from, so you never have to feel confined to your capsules. Simple, effective, and surprisingly versatile – what’s not to love?

Choosing a Coffee Machine For Your Office’s Aesthetic

As much as we want to say that everything comes down to function, form also does play a part in our decision-making processes. After all, many businesses put a lot of effort into the design of their business, and in turn, want to buy appliances and machines that reflect that. This will be entirely subjective and based on the specifics of your office space, however, for a range of premium-quality machines with minimalist designs, try our automatic coffee machines. These beautifully-made machines will fit seamlessly and unobtrusively into practically any office space.


Ready to take the plunge and try a new office coffee machine? Explore our range today for some of the best coffee machines with options to suit practically any coffee needs. Also, stay up-to-date with our blog for tips, tricks, and news on all things business coffee culture.


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