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Capsule Vs Beans: Which Is The Right One For Your Office?

coffee pods versus beans
coffee pods versus beans

For most of us, our work day doesn’t truly begin until we’ve had our morning cup of coffee. So when you get to the office, what kind of coffee machine do you want to greet you and your staff? Is the smell of freshly ground coffee beans a non negotiable for you? Or are you more of a get in an out kind of person? In today’s blog, we’re taking a closer look at the pros and cons of some of our best sellers: coffee capsules and coffee beans. Keep reading to find out which kind of coffee and coffee machine will work best for your office. 

Why Should Your Workplace Opt For A Coffee Machine? 

So many of us look forward to the simple act of making our morning coffee as we begin our work week. With a coffee machine in the office, you get the thrill of feeling like your own personal barista; the smell of coffee beans heavy in the air, and going through the steps to create your perfect cup. But which is the right option for your workplace? 

Before deciding which coffee machine is best suited to your work space, you must first find the ideal coffee beans. Be it Grand Milano coffee beans, a full bodied espresso with soft notes of nuttiness and chocolate when milk is added. The strong flavour is perfect for an efficiency based workplace as after one you’ll be re energized and ready for the day ahead. An alternate flavoured bean is the Miko Blend, a sweeter, softer flavour, well suited to an automatic coffee machine as the larger size of the machine makes them as this blend will have employees coming back between meetings for more.  

There are several kinds of coffee machines available today. The automatic coffee machine is a popular choice due to its ease of use, whilst still delivering freshly roasted coffee. The automatic is ideal for a smaller workplace as they take up little space in the office and are able to make several drinks in quick succession. The automated nature also means that whilst your drink is brewing you can have a chat with your colleague or reply back to that urgent email that just popped up. 

Alternatively there is the semi-automatic coffee machine. This workplace appliance is popular with the caffeine connoisseurs among us. While these models take a little more time to make coffee than the automatic machine; the semi automatic ensures each cup has freshly ground beans, so you can appease your inner barista. They are also generally larger in size than the automatic, making them suited well to a bigger workplace as they can produce higher volumes of coffee and in a larger workspace there is likely to be the available space for a machine that takes up more space.

Why Should Your Workplace Opt For Coffee Capsules?

Are you or your employees constantly cleaning up old coffee grinds, or just secretly sneaking away from the mess? Coffee machines can be a little messy, so if efficiency and cleanliness are the aim of the game in your office, coffee capsules are the ideal for you. As opposed to a coffee machine, in just a matter of seconds you’ll be presented with a fresh cup of espresso; and the absence of messy grinds equals a happy harmonious workplace.

The other obvious appeal of pods is the consistency. Whilst a coffee machine with fresh coffee grinds could sound tempting, this can lead to poorly made coffee that either gets thrown away and or remade leading to both physical waste and wasted time in the workplace. Pods regularity and zero mess are perfect for workplaces that value efficiency and reliability.

At the end of the day, or at least at the end of the work day, which does your workplace value more? A large machine capable of making many coffees on end, or a uber convenient capsule machine able to pop out consistent coffees? Thankfully, with our offering of both coffee machines and capsules, you can decide which is the better option for your workplace. So get looking so you can find your perfect cup in time for the next work week. 


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