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Coffee Machine For Hair Salons

Find The Best Coffee Machine For Hair Salons

As a customer, stepping into a hairdresser is all about taking some time for yourself. Whether your clients are spending the first ten minutes of their salon experience in a waiting room or they’re straight into the chair, being offered a freshly prepared coffee is a prime way to make them feel like valued guests from the get-go. 

So say, thank you to your customers and your staff for our selection of premium coffee machines for hair salons. With this simple gesture, you’ll be showing your gratitude for your clients’ patience, and rewarding your salon staff for their tireless efforts.


Efficient Hair Salon Coffee Stations For Premium Customer Service

Encourage your customers to put their feet up, and give them a reason to keep coming back beyond the haircut, with our superior coffee machines for hair salons. When you’re after a coffee solution for your hair salon that prioritises speed, consistency and reliability, our selection of coffee machines at Corporate Coffee will provide just that. 

Maximum customer satisfaction with minimal staff fuss. And for when you need that mid-shift pick-me-up, our coffee machine for hair salons will be there to give you that too; saving time and money wasted on trips to the local cafe – without losing the quality.

coffee machine for hair salons

Discover Our Great Value Salon Coffee Machines

At Corporate Coffee, we understand that coffee isn’t the main event at your hair salon. However, we still believe that providing the best coffee machine for hair salons will set your customers up for a great experience from start to finish.

Capsule Coffee Machines

We know things can get hectic in a hair salon – and that you probably wouldn’t want it any other way. A capsule coffee machine is capable of taking care of the coffee whilst you set things up for your client. Stock something for everyone, and offer your staff and clients a truly unique experience that goes beyond hair. 

Automatic Coffee Machines

If fiddling with individual capsules is too much to ask those busy hands, our automatic stations are the perfect coffee machine choice for your hair salon. Simply press the button, go away to mix up your dyes or consult your client, then come back to a steaming, perfectly-made coffee to kick things off, or keep your client happy whilst they’re waiting.

Traditional Espresso Machines

The increasingly popular model of cafe-hair salon hybrids demands excellent coffee machines if it’s going to pull it off. Turn your hair salon into a social experience with our traditional espresso machines that pump out freshly roasted beans and turn them into barista-quality espresso shots, with a gorgeous aroma to match.

coffee machine for hair salons

Commercial coffee machines

Coffee machines from name brands including Fiorenzato, Bianchi, Caffitaly

Business options

Affordable and flexible options tailored to your business: rental, purchase or free on loan

Freshly roasted coffee

For every coffee machine we offer the right coffee, freshly roasted and available in different flavours

Customer service

Our friendly customer service team is here to assist you with all your enquiries and coffee orders

100% Coffee service

1 supplier for your office coffee breaks: we offer the coffee machine, coffee beans and all the extras.

Technical service

Our technical experts will help you achieve the best brew, keeping your machine in top condition

Discover Our Corporate Coffee Services

We have a crystal-clear approach in place as we strive towards making your office coffee the best it can be.

Professional Installation

Seamless integration of our coffee machines into your workspace by experienced technicians, to ensure your staff enjoy the perfect brew with minimal disruption.

Expert Equipment

Accompanying our state-of-the-art machines you’ll find a selection of expert coffee equipment, to guarantee the best possible coffee experience.

Flexible Plans

Choose between convenient rental packages or purchase plans, tailored to fit your company’s needs and budget.

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coffee machine for hair salons

Why Choose Corporate Coffee For Your Malaysian Hair Salon?

We stock the best coffee machines for hair salons across Malaysia. With strategically located offices from Northern Malaysia down to Southern Malaysia, also found in Eastern Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur, we’re able to supply your hair salon with the right coffee machine wherever you are. 

And it’s not just premium coffee machines we provide for hair salons. When you shop with Corporate Coffee, benefit from exceptional customer service. We want our coffee machines for hair salons to keep working their best for years to come, which is why our friendly, experienced technical team will be happy to answer any questions during installation, and provide technical service, be it general maintenance or necessary repairs. 

Get in touch with us today through our initial enquiry form, send us an email or request a callback to discuss the best coffee machine for hair salons that works for you.

For more information, please fill out the contact form or call us on (+60) (03) 5569 4800!

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