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Premium Office Coffee Machines in Kuala Lumpur

At Corporate Coffee, we believe premium coffee shouldn’t be a luxury, but a standard. That’s why our tailored coffee solutions serve businesses around the country, providing exceptional coffee with exceptional customer service, however big or small your team.

Our office coffee machines in the esteemed capital city of Kuala Lumpur serve more than just the individual. They create a warm, productive atmosphere that showcases a commitment to hard work and efficiency. Enhance workplace culture with high quality coffee, and upgrade your office today with a powerful coffee machine from Corporate Coffee Malaysia.

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Explore Premium Coffee Machines for Kuala Lumpur Offices

Our range of office coffee machines guarantee to deliver. Discover our premium models for Kuala Lumpur businesses.

Automatic Espresso Machines

If you’re a large company without the time to be faffing over steam wands and coffee grinders, the automatic espresso machine is perfect for you. Simply press a button, and come back 30 seconds later to a quality cup o’joe, just how you like it.

Capsule Coffee Machines

For the discerning coffee drinker who likes their morning mug just so, high quality capsule coffee machines for Kuala Lumpur businesses provide premium personalisation, allowing you to make your pick-me-up exactly how you’d ask for it in a cafe.

Traditional Espresso Machines

There’s nothing quite like the authentic hum of roasting coffee beans akin to enjoying an afternoon trip to the local coffee house. Reduce the hassle (and the cost), and bring the machine that does it all into your workplace with traditional espresso machines for premium coffee drinking in your office.

Filter Coffee Machines

When the caffeine is calling and the demands are high, an office filter coffee machine is the simplest way to get your fix. Take it to conferences, park it in meetings, and savour it on breaks. These large, heavy duty machines make coffee drinking stress-free, quick and easy, ideal for workplaces with high-volume needs and high-quality expectations.

Cultivating Productivity & Satisfaction

Bringing coffee culture into your workplace is not about slowing down, it’s about a dedication to your staff, to enhance their comfort and productivity. A coffee break is a well-earned opportunity to take a pause, to connect with colleagues, and to refresh. But it also provides a boost of energy that keeps momentum going and improves colleague and customer satisfaction alike. Book a no obligation coffee tasting and demonstration today to find out!

premium coffee machines Kuala Lumpur

Unparalleled Office Coffee Machines With Corporate Coffee

When choosing a machine that’s going to serve tens, possibly hundreds of staff every single day, you want to get it right. Explore what makes our Kuala Lumpur coffee machines to rent or buy an easy choice.

Premium Quality

Save time and money without losing the quality of your favourite local cafe, by bringing the coffeehouse experience to your workplace. With espresso machines for offices, you can enjoy the luxury of a barista quality coffee, all from the comfort of your desk, boardroom, or staff area.

Unique Solutions

We believe coffee solutions are as unique as the companies we provide them for. So whether you’re a tiny start-up or a multinational corporation, we’ve got machines to suit your company’s needs and sizes, be it heavy duty everyday use, or periodic coffee machine rental in Kuala Lumpur. 

Extensive Customer Service

Our after-sales support makes sure you’re getting the quality you deserve. From initial installation via our professional, friendly team, to ongoing maintenance, to free tastings for your staff, it’s our commitment to our customers as well as to quality coffee that sets us apart.

office coffee machines kuala lumpur

Commercial coffee machines

Coffee machines from name brands including Fiorenzato, Bianchi, Caffitaly

Business options

Affordable and flexible options tailored to your business: rental, purchase or free on loan

Freshly roasted coffee

For every coffee machine we offer the right coffee, freshly roasted and available in different flavours

Customer service

Our friendly customer service team is here to assist you with all your enquiries and coffee orders

100% Coffee service

1 supplier for your office coffee breaks: we offer the coffee machine, coffee beans and all the extras.

Technical service

Our technical experts will help you achieve the best brew, keeping your machine in top condition

Discover Our Corporate Coffee Services

We have a crystal-clear approach in place as we strive towards making your office coffee the best it can be.

Professional Installation

Seamless integration of our coffee machines into your workspace by experienced technicians, to ensure your staff enjoy the perfect brew with minimal disruption.

Expert Equipment

Accompanying our state-of-the-art machines you’ll find a selection of expert coffee equipment, to guarantee the best possible coffee experience.

Flexible Plans

Choose between convenient rental packages or purchase plans, tailored to fit your company’s needs and budget.

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Get Up & Running With Kuala Lumpur Office Coffee Machines

First up, we’ll provide a free, personalised consultation to ascertain the best office coffee machine for your company’s needs and suggest the best coffee solution for you, before providing a quote and getting everything installed for you. Our ongoing support and maintenance packages keep your machines in top condition, with reassurance that we’re on hand to provide you with any help or answers.

If you’re ready to upgrade your office, contact Corporate Coffee Malaysia today, to discuss the best coffee machines for business in your office. Reach out by filling out our contact form, drop us an email, or give us a ring at (+60) (03) 5569 4800.

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