Premium office coffee beans, roasted to perfection!

200 years of experience in coffee roasting

The aromas, taste and origin of quality coffee is the focus of our team at Corporate Coffee Solutions. Finding and recommending premium coffee brewing methods is what you can expect from our coffee experts. We offer a wide range of coffee machines, and for every machine there is a coffee to go with: beans, ground coffee, capsules, pre-dosed filters… we offer them all!

We proudly supply a selection of premium coffee brands, roasted in Belgium and shipped to coffee loving workplaces all over the world. With more than 200 years of experience as a coffee roasting company coffee, Miko Coffee offers a range of coffee blends that reflects our knowledge and heritage.

Our Master Coffee Roasters source the finest green coffee beans from around the globe. Originating from all corners of the world, green coffee is shipped to the port of Antwerp, the world’s largest storage site of coffee. It’s no coincidence that, at just 40km from Antwerp, the roastery is daily supplied with top quality green coffee beans. Carefully blended to boost the finest aromas, that’s where our skillful roasters showcase their craftsmanship.

We carry 3 unique flavours catering to all tastes and sure to complement any office coffee culture.

Freshly roasted, we offer a range of premium office coffee packages to suit all palates in the workplace.
Enquire today or call us on (60) 3 5569 4800 for a free tasting of our coffee and unlock the aromas of fresh roasted quality coffee in your office!