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Espresso Yourself: A Beginner’s Guide To Creating Latte Art

skillful latte coffee art

For every coffee addict out there, the dream is to be able to make the perfect latte art. Latte art is that magic that happens when you expertly pour froth into a shot of espresso, and the result is a pretty shape or image of some kind. Whether it’s a perfectly symmetrical spiral or a delicate white swan, balancing gently in the expertly frothed milk. You could be making your morning coffee extra special, or impressing your colleagues with your newfound barista skills; turn on your coffee machine, get your milk out of the fridge, it’s time to get frothing. 

Step One: Get Your Tools Out

A good workman has his tools lined up and ready to go, you can’t be focusing on steaming your milk if your eyes are wandering to find the right mug or your coffee beans are nowhere to be found. So what do you need? Firstly you’ll need milk, the very thing that creates the magic. From there you’ll need a good sturdy mug, after all, it would definitely ruin your drinkable art if you used a flimsy mug that cracked under pressure, literally. Of course, you’ll need high-quality coffee beans; and finally, a semi-automatic coffee machine. A semi-automatic is best for this situation over an automatic coffee machine as it gives you more control throughout each step which will likely end with you producing that perfect shot of espresso. 

Step Two: What Do You Do? 

A common mistake is thinking you need hot milk initially, as latte art is delicately created on top of a hot beverage. However, don’t fall for this misconception, always begin with milk straight from the fridge, preferably chilled for at least 30 minutes. Now is when you turn up the heat. Ensure the steamer is situated at the bottom of the jug, and once it’s on, slowly move the wand upwards. Don’t get too carried away, make sure the wand remains slightly submerged so that it is about 1cm away from the top. To get that gloriously glossy and velvety look, make certain that you don’t overstretch the milk and create any big bubbles. 

Now that things are seriously steamy, it’s time to spin the milk. Wait until it’s about 37 degrees and then slowly spin counterclockwise, ensuring that the wand remains near the bottom of the pitcher. Now is when it’s time to create some bubbles, repeat the counterclockwise motion until the milk reaches around 65 degrees, ensure that it doesn’t exceed 71 degrees. Your aim is to create some small bubbles, which is known as microfoam, preferably, you want to create a light foam whilst maintaining some body to the milk.

Now create that perfect espresso, it’s all about the beans, they’ll do a lot of the work for you. After all, with all the time spent artfully frothing your milk, you can’t hang around the office kitchen for too much longer or you’ll miss your morning meeting. With a semi-automatic coffee machine like the Fiorenzato Lido 2 group and high-quality coffee like the Miko Coffee Beans, it’s a match made in heaven. The smell of freshly brewed caffeine will be lofting around the office with the simple click of a few buttons. 

Step 3: Create And Become The Office Hero

Now it’s time to create your art. I know you’re anxious to get back to your desk, but don’t rush, you want to create a beautiful design, not a milk blob. Start higher up away from the cup and as the milk nearly fills the inside, get lower. Keep a steady pace, if you move too quickly you’ll break up the milk, but go too slow and the foam won’t come out. Those cute little leaves that are so often seen on picture-perfect lattes are a great party trick as once you get the hang of it, it’s simple but looks as though you’ve spent a considerable amount of time creating it. You’ll be the talk of the office. Whilst moving the milk sideways, slowly move your jug backwards, once you get to the end, quickly move the jug in a straight line straight through the pattern you’ve created. 

Alternatively, if you have an office crush and you need a subtle way to get their attention, make some latte art, by creating a latte heart. Pour the milk in one section of the cup and then when you have a nice circle of foam, then move the cup forward and continue pouring until it’s nearly full, finish by pouring a line quickly straight through. 

Now you’re fully equipped with the perfect guide to create the perfect latte art, all whilst simultaneously getting those reports ready for your boss. With our offering of beans and machines, you’ll be creating swans and swirls for everyone in the office.


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