Organic and Fairtrade teas packed full of flavours

Puro Fairtrade Tea

We proudly supply Puro Fairtrade Tea, sourced from Fairtrade co-operatives around the globe. The growers are committed to their craft and content with the fair prices exchanged for their harvests, that pave the way to a better future for their families and their land. This colourful range of Organic and Fairtrade teas are packed full of flavours. Available in a wide range of flavours, Puro fairtrade tea is a healthy choice to enjoy a soothing, hot drink at any time of the day.

Earl Grey

A classic black tea with the characteristic aroma of Bergamot lemons. Enriched with orange peel to create a refreshing aroma and mild citrus taste. A delicious tea for every hour of the day. (550158)

Green Tea

A 100% pure green tea with a refreshing effect and which keeps its lovely green colour. Full, mildly spiced and strong in taste. (550162)


A black tea with real lemon, creating a delicious and powerful tea with the zesty taste of lemon. (550161)


A fruity tea with real strawberries, this tea is juicy and packed with flavour. (550160)

Forest fruit

A fruity tea with real blueberry and raspberry, combined with the rich, fresh and sweet aroma of strawberry and blackcurrant, suitable for every hour of the day. (550159)


A pure rooibos tea from South Africa, made of the needles and twigs of the rooibos shrub. Mild in taste, rooibos is rich in minerals, has a low tannic acid content and is caffeine free by nature. (550163)


A delicious combination of rosehip and hibiscus. A delicate herbal tea which can be drunk both hot and cold. (550165)


Green tea mixed with mint leaves. A delicious and freshly tasting tea with a slight refreshing character. (550164)
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