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How To Make Coffee Like A Professional Barista

how to make coffee like a barrista

At Corporate Coffee, we understand that making coffee is an art form. Decades of handling barista tools, sourcing the best quality coffee beans and learning the ins and outs of traditional coffee machines have given us a unique insight into how to make coffee like a professional barista. It’s this knowledge and appreciation that drives us to help you create the ultimate coffee experience in your workplace. In today’s blog, we’re taking a closer look at exactly which skills and equipment are needed to make coffee like a professional barista. Life is too short to settle for ‘just ok’ coffee – keep reading to find out how you can take your office coffee making skills to the next level!

how to make coffee like a barrista

1. Source the best beans

We’ve said it once, we’ve said it twice, we’ve said it a thousand times – good-quality coffee starts with good-quality beans. Coffee beans are important from a flavour perspective, but they’re also vital to ensuring your coffee equipment and tools perform at their best. Let’s take semi-automatic coffee machines for example; an even and smooth coffee bean grind is essential for creating professional-grade coffee. A good grind allows water to pass smoothly through the granules and capture the full flavour profile of the coffee. Lower quality beans often lack the natural oils which are produced during the roasting process. As a result, the beans crack and create dry granules. In short – the first step towards making coffee like a professional barista is sourcing the best beans. 

2. Get a crash course in coffee 

We’ve all heard the expression ‘practice makes perfect’, right? Well, it’s no different when it comes to coffee making. It’s important to remember that your journey into the world of coffee started with your first cup of instant coffee – we’re willing to bet that wasn’t particularly tasty! You’ve come a long way since then; you know how to pick out the best beans, you can even tell your filter from your french press. The next step is learning how to create a great-tasting cup of coffee. When you buy or rent an office coffee machine from Corporate Coffee, you’ll have access to a free demonstration from one of our skilled technicians. That’s right, one of our experts will come to your office and give you a hands-on tutorial on how to use all the barista tools. We can help you build the skills you need to make the perfect cappuccino, flat white, espresso and more!

3. Keep up with machine maintenance 

Nothing says ‘do things right’ like a trusty old machine, right? You’ll need to keep an eye on your coffee machine to make sure it’s performing optimally. We have a range of accessories and machinery that will help you keep your coffee equipment in tip-top shape. From self-cleaning machines that work out any coffee dust particles to grinders for brewing the perfect cup (or three!), we have it all covered. Keep up with regular and routine maintenance to ensure your machine is always performing at its peak.

Start enjoying barista quality coffee today with Corporate Coffee solutions. To learn more, visit our website today and be sure to subscribe to our blog for more coffee tips and tricks!


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