How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Kopi

how to make kopi
how to make kopi

At Corporate Coffee Solutions, we’re huge fans of kopi, also known as Nanyang coffee, a traditional brew local to Singapore and Malaysia. We’ve been drinking kopi for years and have picked up a few pointers to help you make the perfect cup of kopi. So if you’re eager to learn how to create this iconic beverage, keep reading to find out more!

What makes kopi unique? 

Unlike most Western brews, Kopi is coffee made with Robusta coffee bean which are then roasted with butter and sugar to enhance the flavour. The traditional method of brewing kopi is to boil ground coffee in hot water, then strain it using a metal filter. This hot coffee is then placed on a metal bowl, which is known as a “bir” and placed on a flat metal pan, also known as a “tiffin”. The tiffin is heated over a fire for some time to allow the coffee to unfold its flavours. However, it is possible to make kopi using more modern methods such as an automatic coffee machine or semi-automatic coffee machine. 

Tailor the flavour to your taste buds  

The most important part of making kopi is choosing the right ingredients. The coffee beans for kopi will usually come from a specific Robusta species which is considered a premium grade. The main ingredients of kopi are fresh milk and sweetened condensed milk, which are then poured gently into the coffee grounds. The amount of sweetened condensed milk used depends on the strength of the coffee and also the drinkers palette. For example, a generous dose of sweetened condensed milk is usually used for a strong cup of kopi, while less sweetened condensed milk would be used for a brew that is weaker. 

Tips and tricks for brewing 

Now you have your beans and milk, it’s time to brew. The best way to brew kopi is to use the traditional method of boiling the grounds over a fire, which allows all the natural flavours to bloom. However, it is possible to brew the beans using more modern methods and still enjoy the perfect cup of kopi. For example, if you’re using a coffee machine, simply remove the carafe and coffee basket and grind the beans. Once you have ground your coffee, put it back into the machine, fill up the water tank with water, then brew as normal. 

Kopi is usually brewed using a combination of coffee and sugar, while some brews will only use sugar. However, you can also make kopi with no added sugar. Just remember that with no added sugar, the flavour of the coffee won’t really come through. Some people prefer to enjoy their kopi with a bowl of ice-cream as well!

In conclusion, anyone can make the perfect cup of kopi, either using a traditional method or a more modern one. At Corporate Coffee Solutions, we want to make sure our customers know how to brew the best cup of coffee both at home or in the workplace. If you want to learn how to make the perfect cup of kopi, let us know!


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