Fiorenzato Lido 2 group – semi-automatic espresso machine
The Fiorenzato Lido is a stylish traditional 2-groups semi-automatic espresso machine combining Italian elegance and performance. Key Features of the traditional espresso machine Fiorenzato Lido: hot water mixing system, backlight buttons, 2 manometers, 1 boiler, 1 pump brake-gauge, pump filter, stainless steel steam nozzle, hot water dispenser, backlight sight glass, water level control, built-in volumetric pump, boiler draining tap.
At Corporate Coffee Solutions, we offer packages for all types of workplaces, from small businesses to universities and multinational companies. Our range of traditional espresso machines aims to ensure that cafe-quality coffee is never too far away, so you can always grab a quick cup of barista-style coffee in no time at all!