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Corporate Social Responsibility

We, the team at Corporate Coffee Solutions are committed to expanding our operations in such a way that they have a positive impact on social and environmental aspects. With that objective, we have identified various projects which we would like to support in relation to these topics.

Environmental Responsibility

Through the Fairtrade and Fairtrade Organic Puro Coffee brand, we have proudly taken socially responsible espresso marketing two steps further with a product that combines Fairtrade certified sourcing with saving the rainforest through the World Land Trust (WLT), a UK based charity that purchase, lease and manage, for protection, threatened native forest with exceptional biodiversity. Uniquely, two per cent of money generated from the sales of Puro helps to buy and protect precious rainforests and also ensures that third world growers get a fair and sustainable deal. In partnership with the WLT, Puro Fairtrade Coffee has supported land purchase and protection in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Peru and Vietnam. They have helped fund a reserve ranger, and were instrumental in supporting the launch of the WLT’s first wildlife webcam.
Corporate Social Responsibility - Coffee Farmer
Corporate Social Responsibility - Puro Frog

Protecting Biodiversity

In 2012, we helped buy and protect rainforest in Malaysia. Why? We love orangutans and hate to see them made homeless. We see the need for palm oil, but think companies should source it sustainably – just like we do our coffee. Another example of how we help protect biodiversity in coffee producing countries, is the reserve named “the Cerro Candelaria” located in Ecuador. The huge importance of this nature reserve is about the number of unique plant species in this region. Some even declare that the Cerro Candelaria could very well be the Galapagos of the next generation of biologists. Some time ago, a new orchid was discovered, which recently was registered as the “Teagueia Puroana”. Puro has also since then bought a small nature reserve in Colombia at the request of the WLT. The reserve focuses specifically on protecting the endangered species, the “Golden Poison Frog“. This frog is considered to be the most poisonous vertebrate on our planet.

Social Responsibility

Puro also supports a project in the Congo through the Belgian initiative, CDI (Centre of Development) Bwamanda. The CDI facilitates support projects for medical care, agriculture, infrastructure and education in the north-west region of the Bwamanda region.
Corporate Social Responsibility

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