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With Corporate Coffee Solutions’ Ambassador system, it’s easy to have coffee available whenever and wherever you need it. The Ambassador system comes with vacuum airpots or glass jugs. Thanks to the pre-packed filters, there is no coffee waste and whoever prepares the coffee, you can rest assured you enjoy the same quality of coffee every time again.

Delicious fresh coffee at any time of the day, anywhere in the office.

The Ambassador filter coffee system with airpots or glass jugs has been developed specifically for offices, institutions and meeting centres that require an efficient coffee solution.

This practical filter coffee system is ideal for locations with a daily consumption of 25 to 30 cups of coffee. Think of meeting rooms and convention centres, trade shows, teacher’s rooms, and waiting rooms. This coffee system is flexible to cover higher consumption with extra machines or extra airpots.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Innovative pre-dosed filters: The ground coffee pouches are vacuum packed for extra freshness.
  • Quality: Pre-dosed filters with freshly ground coffee for constant quality.
  • Portable: Take coffee where you want, airpots maintain drinking temperature for over 4 hours. The coffee brewer is not plumbed and can be placed anywhere.
  • Service: Airpots are ideal for self service, during meetings, staff and clients can help themselves to coffee. Glass jugs are convenient for a quick and efficient table service, ideal for lunch or diners or when meetings aren’t to be interrupted.
  • Efficiency: Quick and easy preparation of coffee, in advance of service/meeting. It takes only 4 minutes to prepare 2 liters fresh coffee
  • Stylish system: Making a positive contribution to the customer experience.
  • Minimizes waste: Portion controlled coffee filters means no waste; extended life of product in airpot.
  • Clean: No mess or time consuming cleaning required.

Technical details

– The Ambassador comes with 1 water can and 2 vacuum airpots or 2 glass jugs
– Filter holder designed for pre-dosed pouch pack filters

Airpot version

  • Dimensions: 245mm W x 525mm H x 435mm D
  • Capacity of airpot: 2Litres
  • Capacity: 20L/h
  • Power required: 2000W – 230V

Glass jug version

  • Dimensions: 245mm W x 710mm H x 435mm D
  • Capacity of glass jug: 1,8Litres
  • Capacity: 20L/h
  • Power required: 2200W – 230V



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