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Brewmatic 508 Bulk Brewer



The Brewmatic 508 bulk brewer is the ideal solution when multiple coffees may be required during peak periods or in multiple locations: large workplaces, meeting and conference environments and institutions.

This innovative bulk brewing system uses pre-dosed coffee filters to conveniently prepare large volumes of coffee. The fresh coffee is kept deliciously warm in a large, 8-litre portable airpot, keeping the coffee warm for a long time. The ground coffee pouches are vacuum-packed for extra freshness with an easy-to-use thermos for fresh coffee.

High duty coffee brewing: the Brewmatic 508 Bulk Brewer coffee system is ideal for locations with a daily consumption of 125+ cups of coffee.

Get high-duty coffee brewing today!

Key Features & Benefits

  • Innovative pre-dosed filters: The ground coffee pouches are vacuum packed for extra freshness.
  • Quality: Fresh roasted and ground Fairtrade coffee of constant, superior quality
  • Portable: Take coffee where you want, airpots maintain drinking temperature for up to 10 hours.
  • Heavy duty: up to 30 Liters of coffee per hour
  • Self-service: Staff and clients can help themselves to coffee thanks to the airpot.
  • Efficiency: Quick and easy preparation of coffee, in advance of service/meeting.
  • Minimizes waste: Portion controlled coffee filters means no waste; extended life of product in airpot.
  • Clean: No mess or time consuming cleaning required.
  • Plumbed

Technical details

– The Ambassador comes with 1 water can and 2 vacuum airpots or 2 glass jugs
– Filter holder designed for pre-dosed pouch pack filters

Airpot version

  • Dimensions: 320mm W x 650mm H x 430mm D
  • Capacity of airpot: 8Litres
  • Power required: 3000W – 230V



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