What Is White Coffee?

white coffee
white coffee

For many of the caffeine lovers out there, the workday doesn’t truly begin until we’ve had our morning coffee. There’s nothing more relaxing than switching on the coffee machine, pouring in the coffee beans and waiting for that smooth flavour to pour out as you chat to a colleague about the week. But, sometimes we need a gentle change; whether it’s a macchiato to a latte, or switching up your regular long black to a piccolo, a rich but soft flavour is exactly what you require in order to ease yourself into the long week ahead. This is where white coffee comes in. Renowned for its pronounced but decidedly low bitterness flavour, it’s a favourite amongst coffee connoisseurs, but what exactly is it? And, how can you make it? Here we walk you through how to make your new favourite beverage and bring traditional tastes of Malaysia to your office. 

What Is White Coffee And Where Does White Coffee Come From?

Originating in the 19th century, during the British Colonial era, white coffee as we know it was inspired by Chinese migrants who worked in the tin mines. A common confusion is simply thinking white coffee is a dressed-up term for a flat white or a latte, however, it in fact is a unique coffee that originates from Ipoh, Malaysia. It has been described as having a velvety texture, and smokey flavour. In fact, it isn’t actually white at all, it’s simply made with a lighter roast as opposed to the more traditional Malaysian black coffee. 

In order to get this lighter colour, white coffee is only roasted with margarine which gives it its distinguishable shade. The famed white coffee is often served with condensed milk and is roasted slowly, at a low temperature to give it its distinctive fragrant and smokey flavour. This coffee is the perfect alternative to your weekday espresso due to its buttery taste and the fact that it is incredibly simple to make. 

What Will It Taste Like?

The white coffee flavour has a special taste and differs from its darker counterpart. Unlike traditional coffee, it is only roasted in margarine, rather than margarine and sugar, and for a much shorter time, which is what gives the coffee its lighter shade. Along with its different appearance, its flavour is vastly different too. It is considerably less bitter, yet still has a strong and rich taste, this is then combined with condensed milk, for a much sweeter flavour.

How To Make It In The Office

White coffee is a match made in heaven when it comes to the office. Not only is it delicious but incredibly easy to make. Once you have your specialty white coffee beans, you can brew them in your office’s coffee machine, as you would your normal coffee. This can be an automatic coffee machine, such as the  Bravilor Bonamat Sego or a semi-automatic coffee machine. However, something like the Fiorenzato Lido 2 group, a semi-automatic, will give you more control over the brewing process. Then, white coffee is traditionally drunk with condensed milk, giving you a sweet treat at midday, whilst also allowing you to power through the 3pm slump. Once you taste your beverage, you’ll be met with a flavourful nutty taste, lacking the bitter edge that traditional black coffee often has. It has a soft, light flavour that is sure to make you a favourite amongst the staff.

Now you’re fully equipped with how to make the perfect white coffee, the unique Ipoh specialty will be a welcome addition to your week, breaking up your morning espressos and afternoon lattes with a sweet and frothy treat that will still give you the burst of energy to power through the remainder of the day.


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